Doing our bit. #BristolGivingDay

Today, on Bristol Giving Day we’re getting out of the office to take part in the Bridges Challenge – to fundraise in aid of 45 local charities. Each of us will donate £0.50p for every bridge we cross, and ADLIB as a business will double our contribution.

But we strongly believe that giving back should not just be a yearly occurrence. Over the past few months, we’ve invested time into multiple projects that we care about. During July alone, as a collective, we invested 72 hours into causes that go far beyond recruitment.

In July, we took part in the Plastic Free Ecochallenge, a global 31-day challenge to reduce and refuse single-use plastics. The goal was to make people in the office more mindful of the amount of plastic waste they produce by having them choose challenges which were most relevant to their routines & lifestyle (for example buying produce from local fruit & veg shops, buying your own reusable coffee cup or using biodegradable doggy bags). It’s been great to see how these changes are still part of people’s routine a few months on!

So much so that we are currently in the middle of our October Ecochallenge. Here, the goal is to practice and reinforce good habits; from eating more fruit and veggies for our own health to volunteering in the community to learning about bigger environmental issues.

Again, members of the team have chosen their own challenges that align with their individual values, as well as those of ADLIB’s as a business, to complete over 21 days in October. Of course, we’re hoping these actions will spread and develop in our everyday lives all year round – not just for October!

Find out more about the 45 causes we’re donating to for #BristolGivingDay here.

As a Certified B Corp, we’re always committed to considering the impact of our decisions on everyone that works at ADLIB, our community, suppliers and the environment and we are committed to doing our bit every day.

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