ADLIB launches Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy service

We believe changes need to be made to the way businesses attract, recruit and retain diverse talent. Recruiting a diverse and inclusive team is proven to bring multiple benefits, from increasing candidate attraction and brand perception, bridging hard to find skill gaps, increasing staff retention and driving better business performance.

Diversity and Inclusion isn’t a tick box exercise, it requires an engaged commitment to drive change and live and breathe an all-inclusive environment.

Operating across the Bristol and Bath technology and data communities, ADLIB has teamed up with Women’s Tech Hub. Our Consultancy programmes are designed to challenge and engage the staff and senior leaders that will be responsible for driving change.

Our Consultancy offering is comprised of two components:

Running a Diversity and Inclusion Audit that will help us understand your organisation and any existing policies that are already in place. If you are starting from scratch, we’ll want to understand more about your business, the people, the culture, what it is you’re looking to achieve.

Secondly, we design Diversity and Inclusion Policies that map out what you’re looking to achieve and how it will be done. We can then support the implementation of your policy through coaching and mentoring, toolkits and guidance, mystery shopping, thought leadership events, Diversity and Inclusion seminars and positive action programmes.

On the other hand, through our recruitment services, we can help identify diverse talent through Women’s Tech Hub, the ADLIB network, industry-leading training and academy partners as well as organisations that we partnered with in the context of this mission, such as Babbasa and Care Leaver Covenant.

Mia Impey

Mia Impey “Teaming up with Women’s Tech Jobs has been a fantastic opportunity to build a Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy and recruitment offering, something we’re deeply passionate about. Collectively, we’re able to offer businesses across the Bristol and Bath technology and data sectors much-needed solutions that will enable them to build a diverse and inclusive workforce.”

To find out more and to get in touch, contact Mia Impey via email or call 0117 926 9530, or find out more about our Diversity and Inclusion service.

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