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We’ve gathered a wealth of local wisdom…

Knowledgeably, honest and straightforward – that’s how we do things here. That extends to our Blog. Across all our sectors, across Digital, Marketing, Creative, UX, Technology and eCommerce we feature, showcase and share knowledge, expert views and wisdom. Local. Authentic. Insightful. No surprise that we show as one of the top results for “most knowledgeable Blog” web searches.

Pretty proud :).

But we have to say: It’s rather true… Below some wisdom pieces we’ve gathered. Impressive lineup and some top tips from thought leaders and influencers across Digital, Marketing, Creative, UX, Technology and eCommerce:


5 years as Content Agency owner – what Tom’s learned
Tom Sandford, Content Marketing Strategist at and Owner of Future Content

Agency Founder & Client Partner: Some wisdom Sophie’s gained
Sophie Gibson, Founder & Client Partner at Team Eleven Ltd.

7 years as Account Director – what Amy’s learned
Amy Chadwick, Account Director at McCANN

Some Digital Agency Client Strategy Director Wisdom for you
Karen Howell, Client Strategy Director at Digital Marketing Agency Digirank

10+ years improving Conversion Rates – What Ryan’s learned
Ryan Webb, Conversion & Analytics Director at SearchStar

Working within Product Management and Digital Transformation for 9 years – what Matt’s learned
Matthew Jukes, Product Manager at mySociety

18 years as an Agency Owner and Creative Director
Glynn Hayward, Owner of and Creative Director at Complete Control

15 years as Head of eCommerce – what Neil’s learned
Neil Fitzpatrick, Head of eCommerce and Direct Sales at PDOL / Independent Vet Care

17 years within eCommerce – what Richie’s learned
Richie Jones, Head of Digital/eCommerce at Saltrock

20 years in B2B Marketing – what Robert’s learned
Robert Hollier, Marketing Director at ITEC

5 years as Freelance Marketer – what Geraint’s learned
Geraint Clarke, self-employed Business Development Professional & Marketer

4 years as Dev Lead – what James has learned
James Hobbs, Digital Development Lead at Dyson

Working with Drupal for 6 years – what Tom’s learned
Tom Metcalfe, Senior Web Developer at Proctor + Stevenson

From freelancer to business owner – what Simon’s learned
Simon Winter aka Winter Design

Thank you all for sharing!