How to become a… Creative Artworker

Here at ADLIB, we are all about growth. Enabling growth, showcasing and celebrating it. As part of this, we’d like to share some first hand insights into what it’s truly like and what it takes to launch, grow and succeed as professionals within Digital, Marketing, Creative, UX, Technology, Data and eCommerce.

First up, as part of our “How to become a….” series, we are sharing with you how to get ahead and start your profession as a Creative Artworker.

If you’re wondering what it means to become a creative, how to kickstart your dream role and how to stay on top of the game, here you can find some insight from Mitchell Hall, Creative Artworker at Cello Signal; a brand communications agency working with the likes of the British Heart Foundation, Nando’s, The Open University and The Royal British Legion.Creative Artworker Mitchell Hall

Mitchell has worked in the creative industry for 7 years, and is now part of the creative team at Cello Signal. It’s his job to provide skilled input by assisting other members of the creative team, making sure all work is adhered to brand guidelines and creating artwork to a deliverable standard. Along with being a key part of the studio team he occasionally helps out as a designer.

We caught up with Mitchell to discuss the role of an Artworker from his perspective and to gather his top pieces of advice to give the next gen of talent the best chance at flourishing in this industry.

So, Mitchell, what four pieces of advice can you share that could help those embarking upon their creative career journey, what direction did you take to get your foot in the door? What key things have you learned?

Mitchell says:

I guess my route as to where I am now is much different to many others. I left school with a huge passion for all things art, whether it was drawing, writing poetry or usually messing around on photoshop trying visualise my dream car. I suppose that’s why I decided to go to college and study graphic design, computers and art were just cool to me!

After a 2 year course I was reluctant to study further at uni, but instead continued to teach myself. There were many a night slaving away at my screen to gather as many new skills as I could, knowing they would eventually help in the future to land a job. After a year and a half of constant job applications I finally had a breakthrough with a local design and print studio, which was awesome. I gained a great knowledge of all the design principles, taking away with me a strong understanding of all things print. After 3 and a half years of experience as a graphic designer I made a risky move and worked freelance for a few years, working primary on small brand projects for local business’ with the odd occasion working with more established brands.

I later found working alone had it’s ups and downs, so I decided to re-apply for agency work. After another long stint of applications here I am, working with the best bunch of colleagues and clients I could imagine.

It’s been a tricky journey but I wouldn’t change it nonetheless. Soooo, my advice would be:

1. Be a sponge (not literally) Absorb as much as you can from any experience you are given, constantly challenge yourself to learn new skills, and revise them. I’ve always told myself to try and learn something new every working day.

2. Question everything. Part of my job is to work as efficiently as possible, whilst delivering all work at a pukka standard. If you think something can be done quicker and easier, just do it. I think taking the time to really develop skills to be more efficient for yourself or your team is always time well invested.

3. Never be scared to ask for help. After all communication is key, so if you’re worried about asking a colleague, a friend, or even DM-ing your fav designer something you ‘should’ know, dump that thought straight away. Ask and learn, don’t just sit and wait.

4. Stay positive, work hard, grow and more importantly… never give up! Whether you take a more traditional route to become a creative or a different route like myself, we can all face some sh*t situations along the way. Stay focused, love and enjoy what you do and you’ll land that dream job for sure.

Thanks Mitchell for sharing!

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