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About Tareek Lamhaouli


Tareek Lamhaouli

- Recruiter Developers & Technology Phone: 0117 926 9530

Working closely with his team, Tareek brings together talented developers, DevOps, testing and tech lead professional experts working closely with progressive digital agencies, thriving start-ups and amazing technology first businesses.

Tareek shares what it's like to work at ADLIB.


When I was a kid I wanted to become…

A drummer in a grunge band.

Dave Grohl’s explosive drumming when in Nirvana blew my tiny eight-year-old mind and fell in love with drums from then. He was the inspiration that got me into drumming and to form a grunge/punk band called Pin Munkie when I was fourteen. A year later we did our first proper gig playing our own music at what was McClusky’s (now Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing). We had to get our parents to drive us there and wait outside in the car as we were obviously way too cool to be seen with our parents back then.

For me, this is “what working at ADLIB” is all about:

Detail, knowledge, doing your research, transparency, care, honesty. It’s fair to say recruitment in general has a bad rep and that’s understandable considering some of the things other companies get up to, but being part of Adlib is something I’m truly proud of.

My biggest feel-good moment since I’ve been at ADLIB:

Being able to tell people we’re B Corp certified. It’s a biggie!

How I explain what I do at a party:

I often tend to fall back on probably the easiest and most straight forward way to showcase all the key elements of my job, which is through the medium of expressive dance.

Beyond recruitment at ADLIB, I care about...  

My friends and family, the environment, Shetland ponies, cymbal suppliers, the music industry, animal welfare, the survival of lower league football clubs, the homeless, keeping fit and healthy, independent restaurants, my 5-a-side football team The Filthy Geese.