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We recently had a great discussion with Sangeetha Wynter, Training and Inclusion Manager at Babbasa, empowering young people from ethnically diverse and less advantaged communities to move into work, education or business.

The purpose of our initiative and series “True Diversity” is to feature, collate and showcase the breadth of initiatives and views that are all on a mission to work towards True Diversity and Inclusion.

Tony @ ADLIB: Let’s start with the need for Diversity and Inclusion, what’s your take – why is it so important?

Sangeetha: D&I is important as it helps to shed light on the fact that the playing field is not level for everyone to succeed. True diversity is all about achieving authentic representation, including in leadership roles. Inclusion, on the other hand, is allowing this diversity to feel seen, heard, and valued.

Tony @ ADLIB: Can you share a little bit more about what you do – what’s the purpose and mission of your initiative/programme/organisation?

Sangeetha: Babbasa is a social enterprise which has been running for ten years now. We help young minoritised people to achieve their career aspirations across a range of industries. We provide tailored support through our different empowerment programmes to help build their confidence and skills. However, we don’t stop at preparing young people. We also believe it is important that companies are culturally competent when employing diverse talent. We achieve this through our Babbasa Recruitment & Inclusion Services (BRIS). Companies can advertise jobs through us and receive advisory support on how to better recruit. My role consists of delivering EDI training and consultancy to organisations across a range of sectors.

Babbasa’s mission is to inspire and support young people from low-income and ethnic minority communities to pursue their professional ambitions. We aim to improve the social mobility of underrepresented young people in Bristol and have partnered with the One City office to achieve this via the OurCity2030 initiative.

OurCity2030 brings together key city stakeholders to break the cycle of inequality and deprivation for the next generation, with a bold vision to support 2030 young people from low income households, starting from inner city Bristol, to secure a median salary role by 2030.

The campaign will nurture the next generation of coders, creatives, activists, architects, engineers and social scientists – who are diverse in race, faith, culture and class. It aims to lift individuals out of poverty, increase representation at the workplace and create a new generation of role models for society. It will act as a catalyst for Bristol to become a world class model city for inclusive growth.

Tony @ ADLIB: What do you consider potential consequences of a lack of Diversity and Inclusion and what do you see as the main benefits of an inclusive workforce?

Sangeetha: Studies have shown that companies that are both diverse and inclusive are more innovative, profitable, and have a higher level of staff retention. At Babbasa, we are fortunate to work in a diverse organisation that prides itself on being inclusive. The main benefits of working in an inclusive environment are the shared values we have. People feel both empowered and valued when they’re being heard by leadership. It is also important that people can be their authentic selves in the workplace. If you’re fortunate enough to work somewhere that allows this, then your mental well-being will be much better, and you can really flourish. This has certainly happened to me since working at Babbasa.

Tony @ ADLIB: How can businesses and potential employers get involved with your initiative/programme/organisation?

Sangeetha: There are various ways to get involved with Babbasa. Firstly, organisations can become OurCity2030 corporate partners and engage with a range of our BRIS services such as D&I training, consultancy, and recruitment support, to name a few. Secondly, individuals can sign up to join our cohort of mentors who we call Equal Opportunity Ambassadors. We have a network of over a hundred like-minded and values-driven professionals who aspire to make Bristol a more inclusive place and share their expertise with our young people to help them thrive. Lastly, you can also choose to raise money or donate to us through our local giving profile.

Tony @ ADLIB: Thanks Sangeetha, really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. Keep up the great work!

If you are a brand or company that proactively champions diversity and would like to be featured as part of the “True Diversity” series please get in touch with Tony.

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