Materials, Polymers and Bio-Manufacturing Recruitment

We specialise in working within the biomaterial, biopolymer and biomanufacturing sector for start-ups and scale-ups placing candidates into engineering, research, commercial and operation roles. The main areas we cover are biochemistry, synthetic biology, scale-up, fermentation, catalysis, polymerisation, R&D, upstream/downstream processing and material characterisation.

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Niche Expertise


The conventional use of plastic in the packaging industry created from petrochemicals is a huge issue across the world. Creating sustainable, biodegradable and natural packaging which can be used within the food, cosmetic, fashion and other industries will reduce single use plastics.

Textiles And Sustainable Dyes

The conventional way textiles are produced and dyed releases very harmful chemicals into the environment and are one of the largest water consumers in the world. There is a huge push to replace polyester and nylon with sustainable fibres as these are both non-biodegradable and un-sustainable as well as creating natural dyes to replace conventional ones.


The conventional way that building materials, specifically concrete production, contributes hugely to the world’s CO2 emissions. There is a huge push to create these materials from sustainable products, largely mycelium.


The use of biomaterials within the medical industry helps to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions. This includes the use of metals, metal oxides, hydrogels, ceramics and composites for implants, drug delivery and to enhance functions of tissues and organs.

CO2 Capture 

Materials can be designed for CO2 storage, capture and utilization which can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the formation of membranes, absorbents, catalysts and biological materials such as algae or biomass.

Permanent Recruitment

Our permanent recruitment team are here to respond to the long-term changes within your business, from individual requirements through to volume recruitment drives.

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Our contractor recruitment team is on hand to support you through the times where the need for a more flexible workforce is called for.

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Outsourced Recruitment Partner

Our outsourced recruitment model covers the full breadth of your hiring needs and is often the perfect solution for businesses with multiple requirements.

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Our Senior Appointments recruitment service is built on deep technical and sector-specific background and expertise.

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BIOHM – Case Study

Scaling teams and placing niche talent. BIOHM is a London-based biotech scale-up that is harmonising cultural and natural systems and decarbonising industries through radical solutions inspired by nature.


Colorifix – Case Study

Expert Biotech recruiter providing a scalable model. Colorifix are developing a revolutionary dyeing process to help the textile industry dramatically reduce its environmental impact in a cost-effective manner.



With a huge push for NetZero the way in which textiles, packaging and construction materials are produced will change dramatically over the next few years. Here are the skills that will be in high demand.



What exactly does a career or job in Material Science entail and what are the typical job titles? Here we provide a guide to the typical Material Science career progression.